Monday, July 14, 2008

Firefox Extensions

Here is my list of firefox extensions I use.

Firebug - The coolest extension i have for firefox. I use this to debug javascript and css all the time. If you develop for the web at all, you need this tool!

Tamper Data - Change things like POST variables. Primarily used for testing purposes.

Aardvark - I use this primarily to remove elements from a page before I print it.

MeasureIt - How long is that box and why doesn't it match my css?!?!? This tool helps you measure elements on the screen.

Download Statusbar - Get rid of that extra window, see your downloads at the bottom of the screen.

DownThemAll - Helpful for sucking down all the images from a page. (Even if they are links to images) Also has a few other advanced downloading capabilities.

Dummy Lipsum - Let's you insert Lipsum into a text box.

Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer - Synchronize bookmarks between computers. What's special about this is that you can use your own server so you don't have to sign up for another account somewhere.

Greasemonkey - Allows you to write or download scripts that alter web content. Sounds confusing but there are a lot of nice scripts out there to make the web a better place.

Html Validator - Useful tool to make sure your web page validates according to the W3C standards. Even works on pages that are not publicly accessible.

LinkChecker - Checks all the links on a page to make sure they are still valid.

NoScript - Stops javascript except for pages you allow. Can be annoying at first but once setup properly, reduces your chance of getting infected by malicious javascript.

Torbutton - Nice way to activate/deactivate using Tor.

Web Developer - Some useful tools that a web developer might find handy.

YSlow - Used in combination with firebug to determine how efficient a site is. Don't take everything at face value though, your little blog probably doesn't need a CDN. Also seems to now come with a javascript validator.

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